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Look of the day!

Posted By StephY88 on Dec 17, 2009 at 4:31PM

These gorgeous black patent platforms are todays favourite shoe! And at £25 from New Look they are also a bargain!

Got to love affordable gorgeous shoes!

Designer Santa

Posted By StephY88 on Dec 17, 2009 at 4:22PM

If i could wake up on christmas day to anything it would be to these ankle boots! While surfing through net-a-porter.com i came across these gorgeous Christian louboutin Charme 100 ankle boots....but at £630 i'm wishing that a couture santa will be available this year.

Confessions of a Shoe Boot-aholic

Posted By StephY88 on Dec 17, 2009 at 3:49PM


After last's weeks impule buy, and the fact that i'm still not feeling 100% i have decided to treat myself yet again to a new pair of shoes. I have been fater these shoe boots from Dorothy Perkins for a while now but the problem is i just do not know which pair to buy?? The electric blue, purple or black.....To be honest i like all three :)

A pick me up!

Posted By StephY88 on Dec 16, 2009 at 10:55AM

I havnt been feeling very well recently so i thought i definatly deserved a treat, a wee pick me up!

Dorothy Perkins have been on top form this season with there ankle and shoe boots and i couldnt resist but to make a purchase when i was 'window shopping' the other day.

Here is what i finally decided to buy after hesitating for 45 minutes over about 10 pairs :)

I bought the electric blue ones, but there was no picture available on there website!

Can be worn with anything?

Posted By StephY88 on Dec 14, 2009 at 8:47AM

Todays current trend is said to be the Black Biker Boot.

Said to be able to transform any outfit, can be worn with anything (day & evening wear)...but are they?

What are your thoughts? Can this trend of the day be worn with anything?


Aberdeen who??

Posted By StephY88 on Nov 2, 2009 at 5:08AM

In one of my previous blogs i talked about the excitement for the new fashion colaboration - Jimmy Choo for H&M. And now to my Horror i have found out that Aberdeen is being ignored and not getting any of the collection. But with the recent opening of our new shopping centre Union Square (also being the second largest shopping centre now in Scotland) is it fair that we are being excluded from such an exciting union of fashon.

Aberdeen is currently seen as an untrendy and not so edgy city. We dont have a repuatation of have good fashion sense or having an interest in exicting limited editions of fashion, but it is no wonder if we keep getting ignored. If were not included we cannot participate in anything.


Tell me yout thoughts....

Do you think at least one H&M store in every city should get a taster of the Jimmy Choo for H&M colaboration?

Do you think this weeks trend [Suede Boots] are practical for the British winter?

Posted By StephY88 on Nov 1, 2009 at 11:44AM

This weeks blog looks at the current trend Suede Boots.


My research shows that this current trend can be affordable by finging some great styles for under £40.

With lots of different colours to choose from, my favourite seems to be quite bright eye catching colours such as electric blues, pinks and purples - a great wear to add some fun and colour to a simple winter jeresey dress.

Wearing bright shades of suede with black really does make a style statement. Also another great top tip is to keep hemlines short with thigh-highd and wear with body-con style dresses and skirts.

With this current trend being quite glam, some great high street stores are stocking some fabulous styles, you can find some great suede boots from:

Matalan, Primark, New Look and Peacocks.

Being such a great trend to look at, another question is are they the most practical fashion statement for our typical british weather? With my past experiences being me ending up back home with soaking wet feet, let me know what your thoughts are?!

Jimmy choooooooose H&M

Posted By StephY88 on Oct 21, 2009 at 4:36PM


To all girls that love shoes, take your diary and a big black marker and keep Saturday 14th November free, at around about 9am. This is when fashion history takes place...The legendery Jimmy Choo will be invading all your H&M stores with a gorgeous collection of shoes and handbags. Thinking this is out of your price rage...well You will be able to pic up a Jimmy Choo clutch for around £69.99 and a gorgeous par of shoes to put Carrie Bradshaw to shame for £79.99.

Well Jimmy Choo’s for as little as £79.99 are undoubtedly worthy of fashion mania. Aside from towering, super-chic heels, expect on-trend studded and fringed evening bags and clutches die for. Whether all this designer doing it on the cheap for the high street stuff waters down the brand or not is up for debate.

The collection will be the first time that H&M is collaborating with an accessories brand, and to celebrate Jimmy Choo will extend its design vision for this collection to women’s clothing to complement the accessories. Further exciting news is that this collaboration includes a men’s collection of shoes, bags and accessories.


“We are privileged to be among the fashion greats who have been affiliated with H&M so far, and to be designing a collection appealing to fashion savvy, street smart women, and to be including some great pieces for men, too. Jimmy Choo will bring to H&M a sophisticated, fashion forward, accessible and glamorous collection - the perfect party pieces to buy now and then wear out that night!” Tamara Mellon, Founder and President, Jimmy Choo. 

Walking on a Trend...

Posted By StephY88 on Oct 12, 2009 at 5:21AM

This weeks top trend is the shoe boot. At your first glance they may look scary to walk in, but to be honest after trying on your first pair your hooked! Many celebrities have been seen wearing the trend this week! Take a look at these favourites on offer to buy from the high street.







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